Second Chance for BlueFish Camping!

More events over the summer.  Following please find the e-mail from Tony Vogl regarding rescheduling the rained-out camp-out at Bridgeport Bluefish Harbor Yard.

Good morning,all.

Thanks for attending the annual Scout Night at the Bluefish on June 13th. I wanted to let you know that the decision to cancel the campout was not made lightly,however,after looking at the radar and seeing the nasty red and yellow blob heading straight toward Bridgeport,we made the decision to cancel the campout. Thunder and lightening,along with a very wet and potentially hazardous open field would not make for a good,safe night’s sleep.

Nonetheless,it was a very great game and we won! All the homers flying out of the park made me think I was at Yankee stadium.

I’ve made arrangements with the Bridgeport Bluefish for a second Scout Night on Saturday,August 15. Here’s how it’s going to work. Any families who purchased tickets for the June 13th game,can return on August 15 for the regular ticket price of $9. Any families who did not attend the game but would like to attend a Scout Night at the Bluefish can purchase a ticket for $16. Obviously since I deal mostly in numbers and not necessarily individual families,it’s difficult from my end to tell who attended and who’s new,so I’ll rely on you to keep track. I should have a new registration form ready by Friday and will e-mail it out to you first. Registration deadline will be August 7.

So pass the word along to your families and considering using this new date as a way to kick off a great year of Scouting in your Pack! For those who didn’t pick up their patches at the game,they will be in the mail by Friday.

Thanks again and we’ll see you all in August.

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