Spring/Summer Pack Activities

Pack 48 Camping

Pack 48 Camping

Schools almost out and we are ready for a bright,sunny,exciting summer!  I’m sure the sun will come out someday.  We are going to have some events over the summer.

Summer Events


We are planning at least one camping event this summer.  We are looking at having the camping trip in late July and keeping it fairly close to Stamford.  This would be a family event,so siblings and spouses would be welcome.  There may be some costs associated with this (camping permits costs,for example).  This will also be an opportunity to earn belt loops or electives,depending on what activities we can do.

To do this,we need the following:

  1. An idea of who would be interested in having an overnight camping trip in the Stamford area.
  2. Who can bring what as far as group camping gear (such as camp stoves,camp pavilion,etc.).
  3. Who is willing to help coordinate the campout (including putting together the list of attendees,coordinating who is bringing food,who is bringing group camping gear,getting any permissions necessary,putting together events for the day for belt loops,and collecting money if necessary).

Please e-mail me if you are interested and what you would can help with.

Fund raising:

We have some popcorn and first aid kits left over and we would like to sell them off.  We are planning another sale day on June 27th if possible.  Be on the lookout for the volunteer list.

If you want popcorn or a first aid kit,please e-mail Maria de los Santos.  She would be happy to tell you what popcorn we have and sell you popcorn and first aid kits.

Fall Events – Save the Dates

Key events that will be happening in the fall:

October 2 and 3:  Scout Day at Lime Rock  –This is the easiest,most fun camping trip imaginable.   Park,set up your tent,eat dinner,go to bed.  Wake up,have breakfast,and watch the racecars.

October 17th and 18th (tentative):  Cub Scout Field Day at Hoyt Reservation.  This is a day of activities followed by a campout.  It also is a blast!

Our pack calendar will be going out soon with the pack meeting schedules.

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