Pack 48 Call for Adult Leadership

Vital Leadership Positions

Vital Leadership Positions

Vital Pack 48 leadership will be leaving us at the end of the Cub Scouting year next spring.  Our cubmaster Doug Penn and our virtual assistant cubmaster Tony Bosco,as well as our Planning Committee chair Phil Kidd will all be leaving us!  A few people in other positions may also be stepping down.

If you have wanted to really get involved,now is a great time to step forward.  We can’t simply replace these guys the moment they leave.  It will take some preparation and learning in order to keep Pack 48 going after next Spring.  We are sitting on 50+ years of history here and we owe it to all of our boys.

Here is a run-down of all the positions we need to fill.  Some of these are “new”in that we don’t currently have people holding them,but there’s never been a better time to get the Pack organized and strong for the future!

  1. CubMaster (required):Doug Penn –leaving!
  2. Assistant CubMaster (optional,but nice):OPEN
  3. Committee Chairperson (required):Phil Kidd –leaving!
  4. Event Coordinator (optional,but strongly needed):OPEN
  5. Treasurer (required):Maria de los Santos –leaving?
  6. Award Coordinator (optional):OPEN
  7. Fund Raising Coordinator (required):Steven Wood –changing positions?
  8. Den Leaders (5 required):Thanks all 5 of you!
  9. Webmaster (required):Steven Wood

Be on the lookout for the Planning Committee members trying to recruit you.  As the parent of a Pack 48 Cub Scout,please give it some thought.  Volunteering as an Adult Leader means a lot to the boys,and will be a rewarding decision.  Every Cub Scout Deserves a Trained Adult Leader!

Please contact Doug Penn if you have any questions.

If you want to do a little self-research,please see the Adult Leader Resources at the Boy Scouts of America website.  It provides a good overview of what each position entails.

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