2009 Campfire Kickoff a Success!


Roasting marshmallows for s'mores

Wow,what a great campfire event that was!  Tony Bosco’s flaming arrow performed flawlessly,and quickly brought the campfire to roaring heights.  The Webelos II den also did a great job with the ceremonies.  Well done.

And how can you go wrong starting off the year by getting the Bears to eat bear droppings.  Yum!  Great job by all the dens in amusing us with some funny skits.  I know you didn’t have much time to prepare,but you all did your best.  And those “young kids”won’t be so easy to fool next time.  😉

And what a turn-out!  We had a packed,um,field?  Thanks to all you parents for bringing your kids and enjoying the fire and s’mores with us.  Hope you had a great time.

I haven’t seen any numbers,but I understand that we have about 8 new Bears in the Bear Den this year?  It’s great that we’ve got more boys to enjoy the Pack and help keep it going.  We are in for a great year with lots of fun activities.  The next big one is going to be the District Camp out at Lime Rock Raceway on October 2 and 3.

Doug Penn was right,this is a fantastic event…especially if you’ve never been to Lime Rock.  I’ve only been once and I already recognize it as a local gem.  The cars,the racing,the hills,the trees,the family atmosphere all add up to a first class unique experience.  I’m really looking forward to it this year!

Thanks to the District representatives and other local troop and pack families and leaders for dropping by.  We enjoyed your company.


In other news,only the Wolf Den has their popcorn sales forms.  Yep,they have a head start on everyone else!  I will try to get popcorn forms to the rest of the Dens ASAP.  But keep in mind that you can be selling popcorn online RIGHT NOW!  For full details see this post and these pages.

And if you have any questions about anything,please use our Contact Form to contact us.  I can send your request to the correct person.  I do not want to post email addresses directly on this website because they will quickly be attacked by spammers.

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