Webelos 2 Completes Aquanaut Training!

Last Sunday the Webelos 2 Den met at the Darien YMCA and was instructed by two life guards on water safety as well as swim technique and water rescue methods before being tested for their Aquanaut achievement pin.

Among the tests they needed to complete,the boys each had to demonstrate their ability to dive,swim 75 yards,using a sidestroke or breaststroke and 25 yards using a backstroke to complete the circuit.  The boys also learned how to use rescue flotation devices and a backboard for potential spinal cord injuries in an emergency.  They will all be awarded their Aquanaut pins at the November Pack Meeting.  Congratulations Webelos 2!

(click to see bigger images with captions)

[singlepic id=145 w=500]

[singlepic id=146 w=500]

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