Veterans Day Parade March –Sunday 11/8/2009


Norman Rockwell's Veterans Tribute (click)

Pack 48 will be marching in the Stamford 2009 Veterans Day Parade on Sunday,November 8.

Please note that this conflicts with those attending the Powahay Cub Scout Field Day &Camp-out on the 7th and 8th…unless you try to get back very early!

Field day is now DAY ONLY on November 7,so the above-mentioned conflict no longer exists!

For the parade,the idea is to meet at Bull’s Head in the Radio Shack parking lot.  Look for gentlemen in Red Blazers and they will place the Pack in the line of marchers.  As you might expect,the boys are to be wearing their Class A uniform and looking good (shirts tucked in).  :)

Do we normally carry the banner during parade marches?  If so,then I will have to hand the banner off to a scout attending the parade march.

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