2009 Powahay Cub Scout Field Day &Camp-out

Field Day 2009

The Powahay District Cub Scout Activities Committee invites you and your Cubs to our annual Cub Scout Field Day – ‘Super Cubs and the Legion of Fun’. We’ve got a great afternoon of fun activities planned –along with a campfire for those camping overnight. Webelos Scouts will have the opportunity […]

Wolf Den Show and Sell at Borders

The Wolf Den will hold their Show and Sell event at Borders bookstore on High Ridge Road in Stamford this coming Saturday (10/17/2009) from 9am to 1pm.

Why not stop by and say hello!

Taking the Good with the Bad

This past Saturday morning,members of the Bear Den arrived bright and early in front of the Ferguson Library in downtown Stamford for their popcorn Show and Sell event. The day was promising,but 2 hours and only 3 sales later,it was decided that the event should be packed up and abandoned.