Pack 48 2009 Food Drive at St. Maurice Parish

As told by Mr. Tony Bosco on November 22,2009:

I want to thank everyone who participated at St. Maurice Parish today,in helping to sort all of the food donations that came in this weekend.  Here’s a picture of the boys with the food we sorted.

Food sorting at St. Maurice

Food sorting at St. Maurice Parish

Not only did we set a new record for food collection,but we are pretty sure that with the help of our Pack 48 families,we set a new record for how quickly we sorted the food and got it upstairs.  Tony Lamonte mentioned to a few of us as we were wrapping up that in years past,before Pack 48 started showing up to help,it took the parishioners that did show up there about 6 hours to sort through the food and get it upstairs.  They’d start at 3pm and work well past 9pm!.

Today we started at 3:00pm and were done by 4:45pm – with around 200 bags of food and about 70 boxes packed up and ready to help families in need.

The Webelos Den has had this event as a tradition since the boys were Wolves.  It’s something we look forward to every year.  And this year the Bear Den came back and has kept the tradition going in great style.  The boys were very well behaved,very helpful,and above all,VERY appreciated by the Parishioners of St. Maurice.

In a year that was tough on all of us in so many different ways,we know it has been a lot tougher on others.  I am proud of our boys and extremely thankful for all of you for giving your time to make a difference,to keep our boys focused on helping others in need,and keeping our ability to serve top of mind.  Remind your boys they made a difference today,and how very proud of them we are.

For the Webelos Den,this was our meeting this week.  I’ll send out an e-mail after the holiday to confirm our next meeting date.

For all of the Cub Scout Families present today,have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  I know that there will be many families enjoying the food baskets we helped prepare and they will be giving thanks for the people who helped get that food to them.

I will join them in giving thanks…for each and every one of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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