Stamford Advocate’s ‘Hitting Home’Story

The Stamford Advocate featured a nice write-up of last night’s Hit-a-Thon. They included 4 pictures on their website. Check it out!

I had a great time last night. The past two Hit-a-Thon’s have been wonderful,but I think that this ones tops them all. I was impressed by the sheer number of people milling about,[…]

Hit-a-Thon Den Schedule Posted

Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy

The batting schedule for each Den has been posted onthe Hit-a-Thon information page. Check it out!

Also,the Pack 48 Open Swing/Bring a Friend permission form/scoring sheet is now available. This form is required for Open Swing participants. Not only does it get them into Open Swing,but it also […]

Pinewood Prep! –Down and Derby

Pack 48 had a good,old fashioned movie night for their Pack Meeting tonight!

Down and Derby

We watched the scout-friendly film Down and Derby projected on the wall of the UMC Gym. Personally,I had never seen the movie before…and I found it to be great fun. We popped up a bunch […]

Pack 48 Hit-a-Thon mentioned on 96.7 The Coast and 95.9 The Fox radio stations

The upcoming Pack 48 Charity Hit-a-Thon is getting some publicity through the assistance of two local radio stations:

96.7 The Coast

95.9 The Fox

Each radio station has even included our Hit-a-Thon within the Event Guides of their websites! Click each logo above to see the Event Guide,which a […]