Changes Coming to Cub Scouting in 2010!

New Cub Scouting Program

A new Cub Scouting program is set to be implemented in the 2010-2011 Cub Scouting year!  The idea is to allow Packs and Dens to rely more directly on the handbook and Pack/Den Meeting planning guides to conduct meetings.  The entire year is essentially mapped out ahead of time.  Each Den meeting,for instance,should follow the plan in the guide.

The ultimate purpose of this is to focus the Den Meetings on achieving advancement because in today’s world,the parents just aren’t working on advancement achievement in the home.

Significant studies and pilot programs have shown that this increases retention and enjoyment for the cubs and parents,while simultaneously easing the burden of the Pack leaders.

This is the main web site for an overview of the coming changes:Cub Scouts 2010

Also,I would highly recommend that parents and leaders take a look at the advance copy of the Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guide (PDF) that will take us through the year.  This is an incomplete,advance copy,but it will give you an idea of how Den Meetings are laid out ahead of time.

Beyond this,it’s difficult to understand exactly what is going to change or how our Pack will be informed of this and/or how the program will be enforced or encouraged.

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