Pop-Corn Show and Sells Underway!

Stevie of the Wolf Den and Logan of the Webelos 1 Den from Pack 48 sell popcorn in front of Dunkin Donuts in Springdale.  The community was very generous and kinds to us!

Steve,Stevie,and Logan doing their best

Members of the Webelos 1 Den run a popcorn show and sell event at Splash Car Wash in Springdale.  The Splash management is incredibly kind to us.  They are wonderfully helpful and accommodating.  Let’s show our appreciation by telling everyone we know to go to Splash for a car wash.  They repeatedly demonstrate that they support our local community year after year.  Thank you!

The boys doing their best at Splash Car Wash in Springdale

1 comment to Pop-Corn Show and Sells Underway!

  • Tina Nathanson

    Thanks for posting the photos. I stopped by both locations yesterday and looked like it was fun. Thank you to everyone who helped out this weekend.

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