Pack Meeting this Saturday (10/9) at 6:00pm

Just a reminder that we have our first indoor Pack Meeting this coming Saturday,October 9 at 6:00pm in the United Methodist Church hall (or gym,if you like).  Parking is around the back.

The main activity will be Rubber Band Car Races with the Dens competing against one another.  The idea is for the parents to bring in a mix of common household materials,and then challenge each Den to construct 1 or more vehicles powered by rubber bands.  The vehicles will be judged on distance traveled.

We will also discuss our Popcorn Fund Raising efforts,Den structures,upcoming events,etc.

Regarding the rubber band vehicles,please bring with you any or all of the following materials:

  • Anything you think would help make a great rubber band vehicle
  • Old Compact Discs or CD-ROMS to use as wheels
  • Balsa wood or sticks
  • Super Glue (or other fast-setting glue)
  • Tape:Scotch,Masking,Duct
  • Drinking straws
  • Wooden skewers and/or dowels (unused chop sticks)
  • Thread spools
  • Cardboard in various shapes and sizes
  • Foam core board if you’ve got it
  • Scissors!
  • Old Tinker Toys
  • LEGO wheels or other parts you wouldn’t mind losing (if it came to that)
  • String
  • Old Nuts and Bolts (for weight)
  • Scrap wire
  • Putty or clay
  • Rubber bands of various shapes and sizes
  • Anything else you can think of!


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