Field Day Information for this Weekend

Cub Scout Field Day

Leaders Guide

Dear Cub Scout Leaders:  The following information and guidelines will assist in making Cub Scout Field Day fun for our Cub Scouts and their Cub Families;as well as assisting the Cub Scout Activities Staff to provide a great day for all with as little stress as possible.  Thank you for you anticipated cooperation:

Car Pooling:  please car pool whenever possible;especially those just coming for the day. Due to limited parking at Hoyt those not car pooling risk the possibility of not having a parking spot.  We are looking at almost 400 people in attendance for the day and parking can be tough.  So please car pool.

If your Pack hasn’t registered and/or paid by now;please do so……ASAP.

Registration will occur at the Brown Pavilion from 12pm to 12:30pm SHARP!  To speed up the registration process and ensure that the activities begin on time –we ask that you please designate only one person from your unit to check in at the registration table. No one other then that person should approach the registration table.  When this happens it confuses staff and delays the registration process.

Pizza Dinner:  Please remember the $5.00/person for the pizza and salad must be paid by cash.  We cannot accept checks or other forms of payment. Your families can purchase dinner tickets at check in.  YES —Scouts and families can just stay for the dinner and campfire and not camp.

Lunch:  Pack 66 will be offering a hot dog lunch from 11:30 to 12:30 for a small fee at the Brown Pavilion. Come early and enjoy lunch or bring your own.

Slingshot Station:Acorns are needed for the slingshot station.  If you can collect from home and bring to the field day that would be a big help.

Camping:Those camping will be allowed to set up tents between 11 and 12 noon up at the cabin area.  See map in leaders guide.  We may have to limit number of cars per unit up at the cabin area due to the small parking area and ask you to shuttle your group to and from the lower parking area.  A short hike along the YELLOW trail will take you to and from the cabin and lower camp area.  Donation of firewood for the evening campfire would be appreciated.

Entering the Camp:Please inform your parents and scouts that when they enter the camp to proceed to the field near the Brown Pavilion (in front of flag pole).  Once at the field,gather (as orderly as possible) and wait for opening ceremonies.  This might be a good time to sit and eat lunch before the event begins.  A second person from your unit that families can report to at the field is highly recommended.  Also make sure that members know their Pack Number –believe it or not there are still people out there that do not know own their Pack’s Number.  Car Pooling also helps to keep groups together.

Open ceremonies are scheduled to begin at 12:35pm SHARP!  Be on time and be sure to allow for parking issues……. CAR POOLING.

Be sure to also dress for the day/weather –Rain or Shine –but think sunshine.  It’s suppose to be a great weekend,but be prepared.

For anyone staying past the daytime activities:

  • If you are not buying Pizza then dinner is on your own;so please plan ahead.  So bring a ‘bag dinner’;order out;or go out.  No campfires are allowed for the Cub Families;nor are there cooking facilities that will be made available.  This is for both safety and time reasons.
  • You will not be able to pull your car up to your campsite;so please be aware that whatever you plan on bringing;you must carry or cart it a short distance to the camping area
  • Also most importantly –please be sure your families have the proper camping and sleeping equipment.  It has been known to get down to the low 30s in the past.  For most Cubs,just by being in the outdoors during the day and singing at the campfire is “camping.”
  • Did we mention Car Pooling……

YIS,  Cub Scout Field Day Staff

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