November Pack Meeting this Saturday at 6pm

Just a reminder that we have our November Pack Meeting this coming Saturday,November 13 at 6:00pm in the United Methodist Church hall (or gym,if you like).  Parking is around the back.


We will be distributing Popcorn orders to the 26 families that turned in Take-Order popcorn orders. We will be giving you your popcorn order along with your original Order Sheet.  If you still owe money for popcorn,please consider bringing a check made out to “Pack 48”.  Please email Steven Wood if you don’t know your balance.  The following families have balances:Sullivan,Alvarez,DeMarkey,Cannon,Ylitalo,Harris,Ellis,Menendez.  Payment at this time is not required,but it does make things easier.


The main activity will be the Medieval Catapult Contest with the Dens competing against one another. We will be providing 1000 popsicle sticks,masking tape,and rubber bands with which the Dens can construct a mashmallow-shooting catapult!  Each Den can construct 1 or more catapults in 20 minutes.  Instructions for your catapult will be provided…along with a finished working demonstration model.

Popsicle Stick Catapult

Each Den will pick their best catapult to compete by launching marshmallows for distance and accuracy.  Each Den will get 3 shots for distance.  Shots that hit the ceiling don’t count (do-over).  Shots that don’t travel more than 5 feet don’t count (do-over).

Then each Den will take 10 accuracy shots (each scout takes a turn) into either a Large Tub (1 point) or a Small Tub (3 points),shooter’s choice.  Same rules for do-overs.

Parents:please bring a roll of masking tape (or painters tape) if you have it.

Other Stuff

We will be introducing our big annual charity fund-raiser…the Pack 48 Hit-a-Thon.   We will also have CAKE!

Be there or be a girl scout.  j/k

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