2011 Pinewood Derby Rules

The official 2011 Pinewood Derby Rules for Powahay district can be downloaded via the following link:

2011 Official Pinewood Derby Rules

The most important parts of the rules…those that get violated most often,are the following:

1) Don’t modify your wheels!

The only wheel modification allowed is as follows:  “Mold projection defects on wheel treads may be lightly sanded on the flat area only to remove burrs and surface imperfections,but cannot be altered in any other way on the inside or outside. The simulated tire tread (small ridges on outer edge) must remain.  Wheels may not be sanded to enhance performance.  The decorative dots on the wheel treads may not be removed. If wheel sanding is detected the car will be disqualified.”

Logan’s Speed Tip: Logan and I like to put the wheels on a mandrel and spin them with a power drill.  Then simply touch some fine sand paper to the flat part of the wheel for a few seconds.  If done correctly,this should remove the bur and hopefully true the roundness of the wheel.  Any sanding you do must not destroy the flatness of the wheel nor the decorative bumps mentioned above

2) Don’t move or cover your axles!

DO NOT MOVE THE AXLES – Axle grooves cannot be relocated or altered in any way. The axle nails shall be firmly affixed to the wood of the car body,and must be placed in the original ‘axle grooves’in the wooden block supplied in the kit.   It must be obvious to the judges that the grooves,wheels,and the nails from the kit are being used.  Solid axles are not permitted.  Axles may be glued into place with wood glue or model cement,but the axle grooves cannot be filled or covered,the axles must be visible to the inspector. The ends of the nails (points) must be visible.

Logan’s Speed Tip: Being paranoid about losing an axle mid-race,we typically add a single drop of medium CA (cyanoacrylate) super glue to the tip (away from the wheel) of each axle nail.

Have fun!

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