Hit-a-Thon ramps up with media attention

Here are a couple of recent media hits for the 4th Annual Pack 48 Hit-a-Thon taking places this coming Saturday.

96.7 The Coast

95.9 The Fox

The Stamford Advocate

Stamford Advocate

2 comments to Hit-a-Thon ramps up with media attention

  • Tony Bosco

    Good luck to all of the leaders,families and Cub Scouts of Pack 48 tonight!

    You are doing a tremendous good turn for your community,and I know tonight’s Hit A Thon will be an incredible success!

    Have fun knocking another one out of the park!

    Your friend,

    Tony Bosco

  • Tina Nathanson

    Thank you Tony!! Could not have done it without your legacy notes!! :)

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