2011 Pinewood Derby Coming Up Soon!

Saturday,April 9 at 11:30am –Racing starts at 12pm sharp.  Be there!

Remember that in order to compete you must drop your car off the previous evening at the official Pack 48 Weigh-In.

1.       WEIGH IN &IMPOUND OF ALL PARTICIPANT CARS: Friday,April 8th between 5pm and 8pm in the Classrooms at the United Methodist Church (the building to the left,not the same building as the PACK meetings.  If your child’s car is not weighed in &impounded,your child CANNOT participate in the Pinewood Derby on Saturday.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

2.       Noon kick off with flag ceremony

3.       12:15pm sibling races

  1. Explain rules and regulations for the races and rounds
  2. 12:30pm Tigers-Only races
  3. All other DENS race.
  4. Trophies presentation
  5. Closing ceremony

Thanks – See you next week!!!!  VRRRRROOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!

2 comments to 2011 Pinewood Derby Coming Up Soon!

  • Tina Nathanson

    Thanks for a Great Day on Saturday. Congratulations to our Top 10 Finishers –the top 3 will go to District on April 30th:

    1) Joe Nathanson
    2) Sam Harris
    3) Andrew Ellis
    4) Tommy Alvarez
    5) Colin Richmond
    6) Logan Wood
    7) Steve Garst
    8) Alexander D’Agostino
    9) Sebastian DE los Santos
    10) Daniel McArthur

    Congratulations to the Top 3 Tigers:

    1) Brian Smith
    2) Will Curry
    3) Tommy DeMarkey
    4) Nick Huempfner
    5) Vincent Galang
    6) Luke Cannon
    7) Nicholas Tancs
    8) Connor Sullivan
    9) Danny Malony
    10) Spencer Newman
    11) Andy Revelo

  • Tina Nathanson

    Apparently an 8 ) makes a cool dude with sunglasses :)

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