Webelos WOW Weekend

WOW is Right! Our Webelos Overnight Weekend promises to be fun and a great head start on your Scouts trail to the Arrow of Light. Please find attached:

WOW Packing,list updated schedule and driving directions and a Map of Hoyt. Please share with all of your parents attending the WOW.


The following will assist in making the Webelos WOW fun for our Scouts and parents as well as assisting the District Staff to provide a great day for all:

¨    Arrive at 10 AM and it’s always best to car-pool.

¨    Registration and campsite set up will occur at the District HQ Area (straight in from the parking area through the gate to the left near the well).

¨    We ask that only person from each pack checks in your group. We will give them the t-shirts to give out to your Scouts.

¨    The camping area will be near District HQ. You will need to hike in your gear,as cars are not permitted beyond the parking area.

¨    There is NO electricity to blow up air mattresses. Make sure everyone has a flashlight for nighttime use. It is Spring don’t forget bug repellent and you will need a folding chair.

¨    Hot dog for lunch provided at a small cost,dinner and breakfast is included in the cost.

¨    Opening Ceremony starts promptly at 10:45 am.  We want to do a group photo with everyone in their WOW T-shirts.

¨    Weather is looking good for the weekend but as always “Be Prepared!”  Be sure to dress for the day/weather –the daytime events will take place “Rain or Shine” but severe rain or weather conditions could limit the overnight camping and it can get cool at night.


Camping: The Webelos Camping area is a short hike from the parking area.  Be prepared to hike in your gear. Part of the Outdoorsman requirements is that a Webelos helps with setting up a tent.  Parents should not take that experience away from him. Campsite set up will take place 10 to 10:45 AM. See attached map.

¨    As per Cub Scout and Youth Protection Guidelines:When staying in tents,no youth will stay in the tent of an adult other than his or her parent or guardian.  If you have a Scout without a parent,then let the boys share a tent and have an adult tent nearby for supervision.


Menu Courtesy of Troop 19 Norwalk:

¨    Lunch Saturday we will be selling hotdogs / Chips / Drinks. Hotdogs $2.00,Chips     $1:00,Capri Sun $0.50 or all three Combo $ 3.00

¨    Saturday Dinner:Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken breasts,Red mashed potatoes,Sweet corn,Cub scout cooked Corn bread and Mini Cookies. Refreshments will be Iced Tea or Lemonade.

¨    Breakfast Sunday,grab and go bagels or muffins,juice and coffee. (Coffee is for adults only NO boys).

¨    Any food allergies,we need to know!


Patrol Assignments

¨ Cobras:Packs 11 and 28

¨ Dragons:Packs 15 and 61

¨ Wolverines:Packs 48 and 56

¨ Roadrunner:Pack 68 and 17

¨ Raccoons:Pack 70 and 55

Stations and Games:

¨    Fire Building and Safety – Troop 1 Stamford

¨    Nature and Leave No Trace – Mary Ellen Burns and Greg Zavoluk

¨    Cooking – Troop 19 Norwalk

¨    First Aid – Troop 53 Darien

¨    Knots/Ropes – Troop 5 Stamford

¨    Game Period from 3 to 5 PM or  an optional 3 mile nature hike.

¨    By the end of the weekend Webelos will have earned the Outdoorsman,part of Readyman and the Naturalist Activity Badges.  We will provide a handout of all the requirements completed on checkout on Sunday.


First Aid: We will have limited First Aid available.  We are NOT permitted to administer prescription or over the counter medication to youth or adults.

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