July 30,2011 Kayaking in Westport

This Saturday we will be having the second of 2 Pack 48 kayaking trips this summer.  Those who need to rent kayaks can do so from Downunder Kayaking’s Westport location.  Those who are bringing their own boat can launch ACROSS the river at the public boat launch underneath the I-95 overpass.  There is a large porta-potty available at this location and launching is free.

I’m pretty sure the tides are favorably high if we set out once again at 12pm.  If you are renting from Downunder,I would time it so that you hit the water between 12pm and 12:30pm.  We can then either kayak as a group up river to the Westport bridge where you can actually jump out of your kayak and grab a hot dog if the vendor is there.  Or,we can kayak downriver towards the sound.  Or both.  :)

More details to come via email.  Cheers.


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