Fun Kayaking on the Saugatuck River

A bunch of Pack 48 families gathered at Downunder Kayaking in Westport last Saturday,July 30 for a fun kayak outing on the river.  The 2 hour rental period always seems to go by too quickly.  We paddled up-river towards the Route 1 bridge in Westport (the one with all the flags on it),but due to the constant head wind,only 2 kayaks made it to the bridge.  Thankfully,the trip back was much easier because of the wind and receding tide.

I don’t think that anybody accidentally tumbled into the river,but a few of the boys and girls willingly jumped overboard here and there.  Our flotilla was well armed with water cannons and we even ambushed another unsuspecting group traveling down the river.  They weren’t easy prey,however,as they also brought some water cannons in defense.

Overall it was a fun experience and a great kayak outing!  Check out the pics!

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