6th Annual 2013 “Hitting Home” Charity Hit-A-Thon Event

2011 Pinewood Derby Rules

The official 2011 Pinewood Derby Rules for Powahay district can be downloaded via the following link:

2011 Official Pinewood Derby Rules

The most important parts of the rules…those that get violated most often,are the following:

1) Don’t modify your wheels!

The only wheel modification allowed is as follows:“Mold projection defects on wheel […]

Serving Stamford Scouts for 53 Years

I just learned today that Pack 48 has been serving local scouting for at least 53 years this month. I discovered a line on our Charter indicating that Pack 48 has a tenure of 636 months as of 4/2010. I can only assume that means we have been around for 53 years.

Neat stuff!

Cub Scout Slideshow from 2008 and 2009!

Here is an unexpected treat from Bernard de la Rivera! He put together a wonderful slide show using photos from Pack 48s 2008 and 2009 year events. Check it out! Leave a comment if you like!