Fun Kayaking on the Saugatuck River

A bunch of Pack 48 families gathered at Downunder Kayaking in Westport last Saturday,July 30 for a fun kayak outing on the river. The 2 hour rental period always seems to go by too quickly. We paddled up-river towards the Route 1 bridge in Westport (the one with all the flags on it),but […]

Bluefish Game this Saturday!

Let’s hope for great weather on Saturday and Sunday! We are going to be having a great time watching the game and camping out under the stars and trains.

I would,for once,like to be able to put our tent away DRY. We still have yet to do that in 4 years of Cub […]

WOW Camping Packing List and Info

For all Webelos who will be attending the Webelos Overnight Weekend camping trip on May 14-15,2011,I have uploaded the newest version of the Info Sheet and Packing List. Please download it,print it,and read it before the weekend.

2011 WOW Info Sheet and Packing List


2011 Pinewood Derby Rules

The official 2011 Pinewood Derby Rules for Powahay district can be downloaded via the following link:

2011 Official Pinewood Derby Rules

The most important parts of the rules…those that get violated most often,are the following:

1) Don’t modify your wheels!

The only wheel modification allowed is as follows:“Mold projection defects on wheel […]

Cub Scout 2010-2011 Program Kick-Off Dinner

All Pack leaders and parents are invited to attend the 2010-2011 Program Kick-Off Meeting on Wednesday,May 19,2010. From the Council website:

If you are reading this,you should attend the Program Kick-Off. It’s not just for leaders,it’s for everyone who wants to know what programs are available to your Scouts in your […]