Bears Visit Home Depot Workshop

The Bears visited Home Depot early on Saturday morning to participate in Home Depot’s free project building workshop. The project for today was a neat display stand meant to display Hot Wheels-sized model cars. Logan immediately re-purposed his to display last years winning Pinewood Derby car.

The workshop was a lot of fun,and I […]

Bear Den visits the Railroad Museum of New England

On October 18,2009,the Bear Den took a ride on the Naugatuck Railroad and visited the Railroad Museum of New England. It was a cold,rainy day,but our visit was made extra special due to the personal guidance of Mr. Dana Hunt,an avid volunteer at the railroad and also an Assistant Scoutmaster […]

Taking the Good with the Bad

This past Saturday morning,members of the Bear Den arrived bright and early in front of the Ferguson Library in downtown Stamford for their popcorn Show and Sell event. The day was promising,but 2 hours and only 3 sales later,it was decided that the event should be packed up and abandoned.