Hitting Home was a great success!

Wow…what an amazing Hit-a-Thon! Tina and Mitch really came through organizing an amazing event. We had a great time and as far as I can tell everyone else did too. Here are a few photos that appeared on the Stamford Advocate website:

Tina and BB the Bluefish (glad he joined us!)

Photo:Shelley […]

2011 Annual Pack 48 Hit-a-thon is back!

The 2011 Pack 48 Hit-a-thon is scheduled for Saturday,January 22 from 5:30pm to 9:00pm.

See our official flyer below,and join us for a night of batting cages,hot dogs,cup cakes,and smoothies!

Hitting Home Flyer –Click to view full size PDF

Cub Scouts:I hope you are […]